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Welcome To Esencial Marketing Network!

Esencial Marketing Network Offers The Best & The Latest in Online Marketing Education, Training & Tools. Our Main Aim is to Help You Excel in Any Business You Are Involved In Or Passionate About. Our Aim is to See You Succeed Online and Compliment Your Primary Business.

Lead Generation

To make sales online you need to generate leads for your business! If you can’t generate leads, then sales will hard to make! This is the First Pillar of Training in Esencial!

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Sales Closing

It is great to have leads, however you need to know how to build a relationship with them so you can build their trust. It is no good to have leads if they are not buying from you! Sales closing and developing a relationship with your list is the Second Pillar of training in Esencial Marketing Network.

Take Advantage Of Our FREE Value Packed Esencial Webinar!

Get FREE Access to Our Exclusive Live & Value-Packed Esencial Webinars & 2 Free Lessons Where We Share Some Very Effective & Essential Online Marketing Strategies That You Can Implement Straight Away In Your Business That Are Result Driven!


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Full Team Support

Full Team Support Is Vital Having full support is vital to ensure a well run business! At Esencial Marketing Network, we take giving good support and service seriously. If you have any concerns or issues with regards to your membership, your payments, or the memberships of those on your team, we will be more than happy to help you resolve any issues relating to the above. Help is only a click away!


Private Facebook Groups

A huge part of our support structure is the private Facebook Groups you will have access to as an Esencial Marketing Network Member. As we are a global business, there will always be members online in our groups that will be happy to help you or at the very least point you in the right direction. We are like a big family and all the members will always endeavour to help each other. If you are an Elite member of Esencial you will also have exclusive access to our syndication Facebook group for your blog, YouTube and Facebook.

EMN has taught me so much in short amount of time. I have learnt amazing techniques that other companies would charge huge dollars for. The training is simple to implement but powerful & proven successful. Since joining EMN I have met an amazing group of people who all help each other with the different skills set each person brings to the team. Everyone works together to make sure you succeed as much as possible. I am achieving results I never thought were possible.

—Alecia S

I would like to share my journey with you so far with Emily James. I run my own business and have a team under me I joined to learn skills I needed. The support I have received is fantasic and someone is always available to help me 24/7. My business has huge benefits and my confidence has always boomed. The training sessions are so easy to learn from and accessible to fit in with what ever your time schedule is. Thank you Emily James for changing my life and the lives of so many other like minded people. The connections i have made in this family have been awesome.

—Rosanne T

Hello, my name is Valerie Perez I’m here to tell you about my journey with my beautiful friend ms Emily James.. I met Emily James months back when she was in Neucopia. She tried so hard to get me into Neucopia but I wasn’t ready, my mind told me I was ready but my heart knew I wasn’t. Emily obviously believed in me because she saw potential in me, she just knew we’d be a great team. I thank God I found Emily James because through her training blogs, videos and etc she has taught me what I know today..I feel like we can all succeed to the top with Emily James. She shares her talent so freely and it amazes me, she amazes me everyday and it’s an honor to work with her. Im telling you now, if your not ready. you’ll never be ready. Emily is such an inspiration to everybody because she gives you the hope you need too succeed in your marketing business.. Now is the time, start today!! Your business is going to bloom out this world. All the training you need and all the answers you have been seeking for years is finally here! Emily James has the answers! Esencial Marketing Network is what you need.. Come join us!! Let’s get it!!

—Valerie P