Income Disclaimer

Income Earning Disclaimer

Esencial Marketing Network has taken every step possible to represent our service and it’s potential accurately. Even still we do not guarantee that you will experience success or earn any money using our service and techniques. Examples are simply that and should not be understood as promises or guarantees of your earnings. All earnings are dependent on the individual using our service. We absolutely do not claim or endorse this as a get rich quick scheme. Our process is sound and proven but how much a person earns is solely up to the individual and the determination, commitment and willingness they apply

In any business as with ours, your results may vary based on your individual abilities, experience and level of desire. We do not guarantee any level of success you might have. All testimonies or examples if any should be considered exceptional and do not apply to the average person. These testimonies are not intended to guarantee or represent that anyone will have similar or the same results. Each person’s success depends or their commitment, expertise, dedication, motivation and desire. There is also no guarantee that past results or earnings can be duplicated in the future. Your future success or results cannot be guaranteed. There are always unknown risks in business and on the internet which we can in no way foresee that could reduce results. We are not responsible for any and or all of your actions.

If you use our service, products information it should be based on your own due diligence and thus you agree that we are not liable for any results, failures, or successes of your business that is in any way either indirectly or directly related to the purchase and or use of our products, information, and services.