Refund Policy

Refund Policy


To become a Member of Esencial Marketing Network, individuals subscribe to our monthly membership of just $50.00 per month. Membership includes full access to all the software programs and training courses available through Esencial Marketing Network  for the paid period.

All members recognize that the credit card they have on file will continue to be billed every 30 days until and unless that subscriber cancels his/her subscription with Esencial Marketing Network .

There is no long term commitment or timeframe in which a subscriber must continue to remain an active member of Esencial Marketing Network. Subscribers may cancel their subscription at any time for any reason simply by logging into their Esencial Marketing Network website and sending a ticket to Esencial Marketing Network Support by using the Contact Us tab and requesting cancellation. Memberships may also be cancelled by emailing

Esencial Marketing Network maintains a 3 day 100% refund policy. You must cancel your subscription within 3 days of activation to be eligible for a refund. After you have been a member for 3 days, no refunds are given.

The same 3 day policy applies to the monthly subscription payment. You can cancel your subscription within 3 days of the most recent charge and be eligible for a refund for that month’s subscription fee only.

Refunds are only given if the 3 day eligibility requirement is met and if the refund is requested. To request a refund, you must send an email to including your Esencial Marketing Network username or ID number.